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Shenzhen Wanliansheng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, a subsidiary of Qianzhi Group, specializing in the production of various high-power trapezoidal aluminum shell resistors,    Gold aluminum housing resistor, boat aluminum housing resistor, ultra-thin aluminum housing resistor, braking resistor, high-power ceramic tube resistor, shunt resistor, high voltage resistor, molded resistor    Leadless precision resistance, as well as metal film resistance, fuse resistance, cement resistance, metal oxide film, carbon film resistance and    Resistor boxes (cabinet) and special-shaped resistors for various purposes. Is a professional manufacturer of power resistors, products are widely used in military products, various    Household appliances, computer communication facilities, and machinery manufacturing, electromechanical braking, instruments, meters and other fields. With excellent product quality and good reputation guarantee, the company    Won a good reputation from domestic and foreign customers in the industry!In the process of manufacturing and operation, the company has accumulated a lot of design and development experience and cultivated a solid technical team.    , R & D experienced team. Advanced production and inspection equipment ensures the consistency and reliability of each product's performance. science    The management mechanism ensures that every link in the production process of the product is effectively monitored. The company is providing customers with excellent    In addition to high-quality products and value-added services, it also provides customers with comprehensive solutions for power electronic passive devices.
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